January 01, 2019 Admin

Yoursreality is a mobile application platform developed by SentiraSoft. It's aim to rewire business operations with artificial intelligence, augmented- virtual reality and cloud computing. This platform demonstrates client products and services to customer with better experience. Yoursreality stands out through its unique team of strongly motivated and highly technical in augmented-virtual reality platform with vast experience of consulting & engineering (Powered by SentiraSoft).

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What is Augmented Reality? How AR is Changing Mobile

Jan 05, 2020 Admin

Remember when Pokémon could only be played on a GameBoy or Nintendo DS, or even playing cards? That all changed in 2016 with Pokémon Go. Suddenly, thanks to augmented reality (AR), you could find Pokémon in the real world and “catch ‘em all.”

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